Pedagogy continued

Pedagogy continued

Pedagogy continued – Online learning, by it’s very nature has very little human involvement at the point of delivery. The student has often no one to ask questions of, making the course structure hugely important. An online student can’t afford to misunderstand what is being asked of them. Doubt creates stress which isn’t conducive to learning, therefore, current student knowledge needs to be established before a starting point can be ascertained A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) establishes both a starting […]

What is Pedagogy?

What is Pedagogy

What is Pedagogy? – You might well ask, pedagogy means different things to different people and is often used as a generic term. It’s a term increasingly used by teachers, academics, and eLearning professionals to describe how they do what they do The word originates from ancient Greek. Plato talks about pedagogues as ‘men who by age and experience are qualified to serve as both leaders and custodians’ of children. The Greeks, instead of sending the educated captives from their various wars to […]

A Day in the Life

Universities and college courses can never prepare you for a day in the life of a location photographer, let alone a war photographer. All the degrees and well-presented portfolios in the world mean nothing once you get out into the big wide world. I will leave the war side of photography for another day and just concentrate on the less dangerous life of simple location photographer TGV – France These shots were taken for a multi-national engineering and construction conglomerate during […]