What is Pedagogy?

What is Pedagogy

What is Pedagogy? – You might well ask, pedagogy means different things to different people and is often used as a generic term. It’s a term increasingly used by teachers, academics, and eLearning professionals to describe how they do what they do

The word originates from ancient Greek. Plato talks about pedagogues as ‘men who by age and experience are qualified to serve as both leaders and custodians’ of children. The Greeks, instead of sending the educated captives from their various wars to work in the quarries or mines used them to mentor their children, especially boys, in the ways of the world and how a man was to behave correctly in order to prosper

Pedagogues didn’t teach as a teacher in a classroom, that was left to the teachers. Pedagogues taught, instructed and maintained the structures of life. So for instance, a teacher may teach students about the financial market crash of 1450BC and the subsequent fallout. A pedagogue, on the other hand, would teach, advise and mentor on how to avoid being a victim of the crash in the first place, how the situation could be used to advantage, plus something of the behavioral traits which leads to the mistakes being constantly repeated. In short, using practical knowledge and experience to guide their protege around the pitfalls

The modern definition of pedagogy in the UK is often dumbed down to mean the science or art of teaching and is usually associated with early years teaching of children with learning difficulties. In Denmark, it’s considered far more important and the meaning is more wide ranging and accurate to include all aspects of the students wellbeing. In modern online learning, it can be taken to mean the development of a learning structure or framework combined with the most effective delivery methods for the learner content





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