Pedagogy continued

Pedagogy continued

Pedagogy continued –

Online learning, by it’s very nature has very little human involvement at the point of delivery. The student has often no one to ask questions of, making the course structure hugely important. An online student can’t afford to misunderstand what is being asked of them. Doubt creates stress which isn’t conducive to learning, therefore, current student knowledge needs to be established before a starting point can be ascertained

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) establishes both a starting point and to some degree a basic framework of what needs to be learned during a course. The framework could be a competency or KLP framework or a mixture of both depending on the course under development. The information contained within a course is then broken down into logical parts and arranged on the basic framework to establish a learner flow. Each individual logical part is looked at independently to establish the module learner flow plus the most effective method of delivering the individual module learning. In the context of online learning, this is the basis of the pedagogic approach.

Numerous other facets are factored into the equation such as student age, education level, background, first language, attention span etc. All of the above sit in the arena of online learning pedagogy and represent the tip of the iceberg




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