Some examples of what we have been up to in an effort to earn a crust and keep the wolf from the door. I quite like wolves, such beautiful animals.

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davidtphotography.com for fine art photography prints. The Great Cycling Climbs series plus the Cycling Box Hill and Chasing the Rainbow collections.

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What was once printed is now published to apps. With the addition of media and interactivity, the app experience is enhanced exponentially.

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Learn Online

People approach eLearning with the same enthusiasm as they would approach sawing off their own arm. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Learn Online

Knowledge base

The acquisition of knowledge has a direct impact on your ability to acquire just about everything else. What you know is now more important than what you have materially. Education, especially self-education is how to continually obtain knowledge. Continually adding to your own knowledge base has become the life-long pursuit of today's modern interconnected global economic participants.

Online learning statistics and facts from 2019



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By the pool

Research shows a wide variety of online learning environments for people wanting to study and up-skill. Everything from the traditional workplace learning to time by the pool. The removal of European roaming charges for mobile devices can only increase the variety further. Will we see the start of learning holidays in the near future? Learn something new and get a tan.

Cool by the pool

Learning is a continuous process, you need to keep up. If you haven't learnt something new in terms of programs, processes, procedures, or personal development lately then you're going backwards. That's the bad news. The good news is with the abolition of European roaming charges, all of the above just got a lot better in terms of cost, availability and location. So, the next time your boss says you need to take a course your only decision is where exactly? At home at work on the beach or just by the pool?

Online learning statistics and facts from 2019

Training hours delivered by instructor led classroom

Training hours delivered with blended learning

Training hours delivered via online

Training hours delivered via virtual classroom

Training hours delivered via social learning

Reports and studies show the online learning industry continues to grow. Increasingly individuals corporations and institutions see online learning as effective and convenient. In reality, if you are not fully engaged in this process you are out of date and in danger of being left behind. Here are some statistics and facts from 2019.

Recent work

Information and examples from recent projects including Xerox technology service engineering training modules, for multiple product audiences. Programmatic advertising eLearning online training for starters to expert for WPP. Better bidding eLearning modules for architectural practice ARUP. Resilience training for the European Union disaster management programme. MiFIR, EMIR, SFTR and MAR for the London Stock Exchange Group.

Trends and the direction of travel for 2020/21

Leading companies saying online learning increases revenue

Learners managing their own development

Companies with new media/learning design skills

Courses delivered online by 2022

Learners wanting more engaging online content

The compound annual growth rate for the worldwide self-paced online learning market is 6.4% and is set to be worth $89 billion by 2022. The need to constantly up-skill and re-train is not going to stop anytime soon, quite the opposite.

Hero photography

Photography is still the most effective visual communication tool ever devised. Our brains process visual data 60,000 times faster than text, making visualization the most efficient means of communication. That's about the blink of an eye. So why are online learning screens full of endless text? Hopelessly inefficient from a learning perspective and just mind-numbingly boring for the end user. Communicate visually with your audience to deliver a sophisticated intelligent proposition.

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