HSBC Agile Methodology Rollout Support

Fully responsive website for online and offline learning

Research, concepts & site structure

User Experience - UX and User Interface - UI

Corporate ID, visual & asset design

Development team management

Testing & Implementation

Extensive user research exposed the structure required to deliver results specific to individual user requirements. Clean, minimalistic, design avoided over-loading the viewer with irreverent information. Careful layout significantly reduced the time needed to access the relevant user centric content. Dynamically loaded course information and content allowed for almost limitless flexibility.

HSBC Agile Methodology

The rollout of Agile methodology across HSBC IT worldwide was backed up with extensive information, support, face-to-face, and online elearning.
A website was required to act as a one-stop-shop for all the available online and offline training, materials and facilities.
The site is fully responsive for all devices, deliberately minimalistic, with text visible on picture rollover.
The site allows users to filter based on multiple search criteria such as role or pod etc.
Relevant training from multiple HSBC domains is added dynamically on page load beneath the page headers.
Showing are JPGs of early page designs.