Recent Projects

Xerox Technology - Online Service Training

Online training for multiple audiences including 1st level support and on-site engineering worldwide.

Utilising the full range of current technologies available including video, audio, photography, 3D graphics & 3D video, 21st. century computer-based technical training was successfully rolled out worldwide.

Xerox Technology

Xerox Online Service Training

With the recent separation of functions within Xerox into two separate businesses, Xerox Technology emerged as the core manufacturing base for office printers.
Releasing 20+ new products in 12 months threw up a number of challenges, not least of which was the documentation and service training for multiple audiences worldwide.
Completing all of the instructional design, content development, design and production of the eLearning service training modules was a huge challenge. 


Xerox Online Service Training – Key Responsibilities

Concepts - Development & Build

Instructional Design - SME & Stakeholder engagement

Educational Structure and Pedagogy

Photography and Video

Visuals and Graphics

Testimonial - This is a prime example of what can be done with the good use of good tools and a firm grasp of adult education principles and instructional design. You made the most of your resources, such as animations and manual excerpts, of the tools in Storyline, and the concept of having adult learners be able to “pull” the training that they need. This course is exemplary, and it should become the model of the training that we should be doing in the future – not just the model, the template. - Sonny Boyd - Communications and Marketing Solutions - Xerox Corporation - Wilsonville. USA.

ARUP Architects

ARUP Better Bidding e-Learning modules


ARUP Better Bidding – Key Responsibilities

Development & build

LMS testing and configuration

SCORM Compliant and compatibility testing

Stakeholder liaison

Large International architectural practices such as ARUP spend huge sums of money, time, and resources bidding for multiple projects across the world. It is not unusual for 30% of company turnover to be taken up bidding on projects the practice does not ultimately win. The time and money spent can be seen as a waste especially if the working practices used during the bidding process are neither appropriate or successful

GroupM - WPP Ad buying

Examples from the GroupM University Programmatic Advertising e-Learning modules
The modules instruct the user on the requirements for running a successful Programmatic Ad campaign

GroupM Programmatic Advertising – Key Responsibilities

Project management

Stakeholder & SME liaison & engagement

Course curriculum development & Instructional design

Development & build

LMS configuration - Asset development & deployment

GroupM is the umbrella company for all of the WPPs ad buying agencies. The GroupM Programmatic advertising e-Learning program is designed to cover all aspects of the Programmatic advertising lifecycle for agency new starters to advanced users. The 16 modules cover in depth all of the major topics and developments including Brand Safety, Viewability, Programmatic brief, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Ad Servers, Ad Exchanges, Audience Planning, Programmatic Premium and Operational Know How etc.


Examples from the CocaCola Enterprises e-Learning Super Ambassador Programme

Coca-Cola Ambassador – Key Responsibilities

Concepts and Instructional design

Development & build

Stakeholder & SME liaison management & engagement

SCORM - LMS configuration & deployment


SCORM compliant e-Learning program in support of the worldwide Coca-Cola Super Ambassador programme rollout. The e-Learning featuring substantial video, multiple interactive quizzes and assessments, drag and drop challenges and includes full user scoring and reporting

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